CPA Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

The CPA designation is a powerful professional credential respected by business leaders and recognized by the international accounting community. Becoming a Certified Public Accountant is a crowning life achievement but getting there can be tough, especially considering that most CPA candidates study for the Exam while maintaining demanding jobs and raising a family.

CPA students are usually cut from a similar cloth: candidates are hard-working, intelligent, and often have previously graduated with high honors. Having come from this background of success, students typically use the same study habits they used in college when preparing for the Uniform CPA Exam and invariably meet the same frustration when dealing with the time constraints of life after college. Working in an exacting profession while also being a full-time CPA Exam student while balancing other life priorities, would-be CPAs are left having to choose between career, examination, and life goals. If results do not follow sacrifice, candidates often abandon their CPA aspirations – when this happens, the profession suffers.

From my experience, the answer to successfully passing the exam is not increasing the amount of time and effort spent studying (it still takes a lot) but optimizing the time spent studying. Seriously, when is the last time you learned how to learn? I bet never, but what if we took things a step further? What if you were able, not just to manage life’s competing priorities, but to grow and live your best life while also studying for the CPA Exam! You are in luck – this has been the case in my personal experience becoming a CPA and working with the 35 candidates I have coached to success.

I readily admit that my first 4 years trying to pass the exam were a disaster; I had sacrificed so much but had nothing to show for it. I needed a way to get my work done at my job, meet basic needs like exercising and spending time with friends while also passing my exams. My trajectory changed dramatically when I developed a system of managing my life starting with how I studied. In the 12 months from when I passed my first test to my final exam, I started a new job managing a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio, purchased my first house, significantly improved my health, and strengthened relationships with friends and family – not to mention passed 4 CPA Exams!

Tutoring Services

Hi, I’m Andy Richmond, CPA and I would love to be your teacher. In my time as an accountant, I have worked for Big 4 accounting firms and public companies alike, changed jobs, got married, bought my first house, and started a family all while studying for the exam. I have traveled nearly every conceivable path in both success and failure while simultaneously working in many facets of the accounting industry. It was a galvanizing experience that left me with wisdom to share. Being a CPA is wonderful and the journey is worth it. I would love to help you get there.

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